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Li Yuan-chia

  • CountryChina
  • Born1929
  • Died1994


Born in China in 1929, Li Yuan-chia studied art in Taiwan where he is considered to be one of the founding fathers of Chinese abstract painting in the 1950s. Travelling from Taiwan to Italy and then to England, he arrived in London in the 1960s to exhibit at David Medalla’s and Paul Keeler’s Signals gallery and later in the Lisson Gallery. After leaving London in 1968, he spent the remainder of his life in Cumbria where he had a profound impact on the lives of local people and on the cultural scene. Having established the LYC Museum in his own home, he was able to pursue his interest in creating an environment for art, free of all hierarchical constraints. His generosity of spirit led him to create opportunities for over 300 artist’s including Andy Goldsworthy, Rosie Leventon, David Nash and Bill Woodrow. Believing he has still much to do, Li ignores for as long as possible the signs of approaching illness and dies in November 1994 at the Eden Vale Hospice in Carlisle of cancer.

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