Monograph and CD-ROM





96pp, 111 images, 220 x 310mm, pb,

ISBN 1 899846 10 7



This combined monograph and CD-ROM is the first major publication on the artist Keith Piper. It contains a new essay by writer and critic Kobena Mercer based on an extended dialogue with the artist and provides the most in-depth analysis of Piper's life and work to-date. Over the past fifteen years, Piper has produced some of the most distinctive and consistently challenging work of any British artist. Emerging at a time when black artists were declaring a new and radical voice in this country, Piper's work has interpreted powerfully the iniquities and struggles of black diasporan experience for a broad contemporary audience. The enhanced CD-ROM, fully-authored by the artist, echoes the idea of a physical expedition in its labyrinth of user interactive 'virtual spaces'. Users are able to explore, excavate and assemble fragments from various thematically-linked bodies of work. Access to newly-authored interactive projects and digitised documentation of past works is gained by entering three virtual gallery spaces: UnMapped; UnRecorded; and UnClassified which further explore and define the thematic concerns of Piper's work.


Published on the occasion of the major solo exhibition Relocating the Remains at the Royal College of Art, July - August 1997

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