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Relocating the Remains CD-Rom


A dual platform interactive CD-Rom, playable on 'Apple Macintosh' and 'Windows' computers.


This CD-Rom extends the metaphor of the 'expedition'; In this case through a labyrinth of user interactive 'virtual' spaces. As in an expedition through physical space, the user will be able to explore, and excavate fragments from an array of thematically linked bodies of work.

These fragments, comprising of both newly authored interactive projects as well as digitised documentation of past work, are contained within three metaphorical virtual gallery spaces; 'UnMapped', 'UnRecorded' and 'UnClassified'.

The 'Unmapped' gallery space, takes it's title from the project, 'the UnMapped Body' and contains work exploring the various ways in which the black body has been categorised and classified under the dominant gaze.

The 'UnRecorded' gallery space, take it's title from 'Unrecorded Histories' and contains work exploring the gaps and crevasses in dominant historical narratives, which function to distort and obscure black presence's.

The 'UnClassified' gallery space contains project's which seek to explore the impact and implications of new technologies, especially within the domain of surveillancing and policing, and their impact upon contemporary notions of community, nation and racial difference.

This CD-Rom is available in conjunction with the printed monograph 'Relocating the Remains', available from InIVA (The Institute of International Visual Art)


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