Kimathi Donkor


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Kimathi Donkor was born in Bournemouth, England in 1965 and lives and works in London.

Donkor is interested in the representation of memory, identity and agency. Some of his works revisit relatively recent events, such as the 2005 shooting of the Brazilian migrant worker, Jean Charles de Menezes, or London's urban unrest of 1985 - both of which occured in his London neighbourhood.

Other projects resurrect more distant times and places such as the English Tudor sailor Sir John Hawkins, or Angola's 17th-century queen Njinga.These figures resonate with his upbringing in the English westcountry and southern Africa.

In seeking new forms and perspectives, his studio process navigates intimate networks of family, community and work.

In 2011, he was awarded the Derek Hill scholarship for the British School at Rome, and in 2009 he recieved an Arts & Humanities Research Council full masters award.

He has an MA degree in Fine Art from Camberwell College of Arts (2010); PGCE in Art & Design, Goldsmiths College (1992); BA Hons. Degree, Fine Art, Goldsmiths College (1987); and a Foundation Diploma in Fine Art from Bournemouth Art College (1984).

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Market Theatre Gallery, Hawkins & Co, Armagh, N Ireland, 2008
Bettie Morton Gallery, Fall/Uprising, London, 2005
Art Exchange Gallery, Caribbean Passion: Haiti 1804, Nottingham, 2005
Bettie Morton Gallery, Caribbean Passion: Haiti 1804, London, 2004

Selected Group Exhibitions

British School at Rome Seven things to do in an emergency, Rome, 2011
St Martin in the Fields Precious little, London, 2011
Chelsea Triangle Space Multiple authors & previous owners, London, 2011
29th Bienal de São Paulo Ha sempre um copo de mar para um homem navegar, São Paulo, Brazil, 2010
The Castle Askew in the Garden of Desire, London, 2010
Space Station Sixty Five be careful what you wish for, London, 2010
Tate Britain, Jam in The Dark, collaborative performance London, 2010
Conway Hall, Kréyol Day, London, 2009
Contemporary Urban Centre, Hawkins & Co, Liverpool, 2008
The Building Centre, Torture Care, London, 2007
Elspeth Kyle Gallery, Hawkins & Co, London, 2007
Elspeth Kyle Gallery, Telltale, London, 2006
Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Orature, London, 2005
198 Gallery, Historicism, London, 2004
The Fridge Gallery, The Jamaican Influence, London, 2003
Simba Project, Charcoal & Chalk, London, 1991
St. Mary's Centre, Charcoal & Chalk, London, 1989
Brixton Library, Creation for Liberation, London, 1987
People's Gallery, Young Black & Here, London, 1986
Brixton Art Gallery, Monti Wa Marumo, London, 1986
Brixton Recreation Centre Creation for Liberation, London, 1985
Upper Street Gallery, Black Artists for Azania, London, 1985
Bonnington Square, Art Festival, London, 1985
Jubilee Gardens, Struggle and Success, London, 1985
Royal Festival Hall, Artists Against Apartheid, London, 1985

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