Curriculum Vitae 2003


Homi K. Bhabha

Curriculum Vitae


D.Phil. in English Literature, Christ Church, Oxford

M.Phil. and M.A. in English and American Literature, Christ Church, Oxford

B.A. with Honors, Elphinstone College, University of Bombay

Teaching Experience


Anne F. Rothenberg Professor of English and American Literature,

Harvard University


Visiting Professor, University College, London


Chester D. Tripp Distinguished Service Professor in the Humanities,

University of Chicago


Professor of English Literature, University of Chicago


Reader in English Literature, Sussex University


Part-time lecturer in Colonial Literature, University of Warwick


Tutor in Literary Theory and Modern Literature, Wadham and

St. Anne's Colleges, Oxford

Fellowships and Honors


Clarendon Lectures, University of Oxford


Faculty Member in Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (DAVOS)


Chair of MLA Presidential Panel, "The Haunting of History";

MLA Talk "On Friendship and Citizenship"


Frankfurt Book Fair


Goteborg Book Fair


Greater Talent Network Conference


Honorary Professorship at Tsinghua University


Participant in Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (DAVOS)


Inauguration of Global Literature Forum, Munich University


Member of UNESCO Committee on Culture in the Third Millenium


Wellek Library Lectures, University of California, Irvine Critical Theory Institute


Goteborg International Book Fair Lecture, Goteborg, Sweden


House of World Cultures Ten-Year Anniversary Lecture: Documenta Platform on

"Democracy Unrealized - Democracy as an Uncompleted Process," Berlin, Germany


Convocation Address, University of Chicago


Koehn Visiting Scholar, University of Oregon


Stanford Presidential Lectures in the Humanities and Arts, Stanford University


Martin Luther King, Jr, Cesar Chavez, Rosa Parks Honorary Visiting Professor, University of Michigan


Asian American Institute Milestone Award


The Beckman Lectures, University of California, Berkeley (Elected in 1996 to the Mrs. William Beckman Professorship in the English Department, University of California, Berkeley)


The Amnesty Human Rights Lecture, University of Oxford


The W.E.B. Du Bois Lectures, Harvard University


Keynote commentary at the Arts and Humanities in Public Life Conference, response to Robert Hughes


Awarded fellowship for 2001-2, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin


Distinguished Visiting Professor at Ben Gurion University, Israel


Annual Humanities Draper Lecture for the John W. Draper Program in Graduate Studies, New York University


Invited to give the keynote to the Annual Conference of the South African equivalent of the MLA, Cape Town


Invited by the English Departments of the Universities of Perth and Melbourne, Australia, to lecture and lead seminars on my research and related areas of interest.


Special panel on "Homi K. Bhabha: The Location of Culture" at the Modern Language Association annual conference, San Diego.


Invited to give the Annual Interdisciplinary Lecture at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London


Invited to give the keynote lecture to the Annual Association of Commonwealth and Pacific Literary Studies Association, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia


Invited to lecture at the National Gallery of Ontario, Canada


Invited to speak at the Annual Donors and Trustees Dinner, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago


Lecture at the Bienal de Cascais, Portugal


Invited to the FITAC (International Forum for Contemporary Art and Theory) Conference, Mexico

Summer 1994 Invited to give the Geisel Professorial Lecture in the Humanities at Dartmouth College

Summer 1994 Mellon Professor Month Long Faculty Seminar in Literary theory at Tulane University, New Orleans

Summer 1993 Visiting Professor of the Humanities and Faculty Fellow, The School of Criticism and Theory, Dartmouth College


Distinguished Humanities Professor, University of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Spring 1992 Senior Fellow, Council of the Humanities and Old Dominion Visiting Professor in English, Princeton University


Delivered the Richard Wright lecture series, Center for Black Literature and Culture, University of Pennsylvania

Summer 1991 Burrowes Visiting Professor, English Department, University of Queensland, Australia

Fall 1991 Steinberg Visiting Professor, University of Pennsylvania


Visiting Scholar, Humanities Institute, SUNY, Stonybrook


Visiting Fellow at the Center for Cultural Studies, University of Pennsylvania


Visiting Fellow, Center for Critical Cultural Studies, University of California, Los Angeles


Visiting Scholar, Brown University, Pembroke Center for Feminist Studies


Offered the Freehling Professorship in the Humanities, The Humanities Institute, and a Visiting Professorship in English, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (declined)


British Council Scholarship, Violet Vaughan-Morgan Graduate Fellowship, Oxford University


(in chronological order)


A Measure of Dwelling: Reflections on Vernacular Cosmopolitanism, Harvard University Press (forthcoming)

The Right to Narrate, Columbia University Press (forthcoming)

The Location of Culture has been translated into Korean, Spanish, Italian, and German (2002)

Cosmopolitanism, ed. Carol A. Breckenridge, Sheldon Pollock, Homi K. Bhabha, and Dipesh Chakrabarty, 2002

O Local da Cultura, Portugese translation of Location of Culture, 1998

The Location of Culture, Routledge, 1993

Nation and Narration, ed. with introduction and essay. Routledge, 1990


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"Hybridity, heterogeneity et culture contemporaraine" essay published by the Centre Pompidou, National Museum of Modern Art, Paris, for inclusion in the catalogue of their major transnational art show for the bicentenary, Les Magiciens de la Terre. 1989.

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"Einige Reflexionen uber Globalisierung und Humanitat," in Zwischen Nanowelt und Globaler Kultur: Science + Fiction (jovis Verlag GmbH, 2003).

Conference Papers and Lectures

(in chronological order)


Southampton University and Oxford Literary Review, Text and Theory: "On the Construction of the Colonial Subject."


University Teachers of English Annual Conference. Invited to lecture on Post-Structuralism and lead the workshop on that subject. "Literature Tells You How to Live: From Invocation to Exhortation."

Oxford University, Faculty of English and Modern Languages. (Lecture series organized by Dr. Terry Eagleton). "On the Colonial Text: V.S. Naipaul's A House for Mr. Biswas."

Essex University, Sociology of Literature Conference, "Realism and Colonial Desire"


Modern Language Association Convention, New York. Special session on Colonial Discourse.

Conference on Racism organized by the Greater London Council (Local Government) at the Institute of Education, University of London, "Racism and the Media."


Essex University, Sociology of Literature Conference: Opening plenary lecture.

MLA Convention, Washington, D.C. Forum on Colonization.


Brown University Conference at Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women, "Sexuality and the Construction of Culture in Colonial Discourse."

Southampton University International Conference on Text and Theory, "Cultural Difference."

George Washington University, Conference of the Association for the Psychoanalysis of Self and Society, "Psychoanalysis, and Postcolonialism--Nation, Identity, Self": Plenary lecture.


British Art History Association Annual Conference. Invited to participate on a plenary panel to respond to Professor Edward Said's opening address.

Invited by Professor Jonathan Culler and the Humanities Research Center, Cornell University, to speak at a conference on "Nation and Narration."

International Symposium on New Perspectives on Democracy and Civil Society at the Polytechnic of Central London.

Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. Lecture entitled "Double Vision: Reflections through a Colonial Eye" at conference on the question of identity in a post-modern age.

Edinburgh Festival, International Film Conference. Concluding plenary address with Ngugi Wa Thiongo at the Conference on Theory and Third Cinema.

Paper given to the Five College Critical Theory Seminar at the University of Massachusetts, Institute of Contemporary Cultural Studies.


Oxford English Conference at Oxford University - Rethinking Literary History.

Pembroke Visiting Scholar, at the Pembroke Center for Feminist Studies, Brown University.

Ideas in Progress, Graduate/Faculty Seminar, Middlesex Polytechnic University.

The Writer and Political Commitment: Plenary panel with Ronald Hayman to launch his biography of Jean-Paul Sartre (Hamish Hamilton) and to inaugurate a two-month series of lectures and exhibitions on aspects of Sartre's work.


"Ethnicity and Identity," Centre for Cultural Studies, Leeds University.

"Colonial Time," Faculty/Graduate Seminar, Essex University.

'Nation and Narration': Social and Political Thought Seminar, Cambridge University, at the invitation of Anthony Giddens, Professor of Social Thought.

'The Reception of Literature': Conference organized by the Finnish Academy and the Research Unit for Cultural Studies, University of Jyvaskyla. Professor Hans Robert Jauss and I were invited to give plenaries and to respond to the work of Finnish and Scandinavian scholars involved in literary theory projects.

'The Inscription of Colonial Territory: Australian Aboriginies and Palestinian Refugees.' Australian Bicentennial Conference, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London.

'Contemporary Black British Cinema,' British Film Institute Conference, Brighton Festival of the Arts.

'Postmodernism and the Postcolonial Artist,' Gallery Discussion at Ikon Art Gallery, Birmingham.

'Critical Difference,' Race, Ethnicity and the Visual Arts. Chaired the Plenary Session. John Hansard Gallery, Southampton University.


'DissemiNation: On the Culture of Identity,' History/Event/Discourse Conference at the University of California, Los Angeles. Followed by a visiting fellowship at the Center for Critical Theory.

Invited by Professor James Clifford to lecture at the Center for Cultural Studies, UC Santa Cruz.

Invited to lecture to the Faculty of English by Professor Stephen Greenblatt, UC Berkeley.

Association of British Art Historians, Annual Conference. Paper on 'Between Race and Gender: On the Hybridity of Theory.'


"Critical Fictions," Chaired opening panel and presented paper in series organized by DIA Art Foundation, New York.

Visiting scholar at the Center for Cultural Studies, University of Pennsylvania. Gave a public lecture and a paper to the PARSS Seminar.

Lecture to conference on "Changing Identities: Socialism and the Politics of Difference," organized at the University of London by Lawrence and Wishart, Publishers.

Paper given on a panel on "Identity, Alterity and Cultural Hybridity," at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, as part of the Colloquium on their exhibition of transnational art, Les Magiciens de la Terre.

"Con-founding Fathers": Paper given to the opening plenary panel at the Conference on Nationality and Sexuality at the Center for Literary and Cultural Studies, Harvard University.

Lecture to the Colonial Discourse Conference, Southampton University.

Panelist at the Whitney Museum, New York, "Postmodernism and its Discontents."

Invited by Professor James Clifford to present a paper at a Conference on Diasporic Cultures at the Center for Cultural Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Invited by Professor Houston Baker to lecture to the PARSS Seminar on Afro-American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

Lecture in the series on Authorship and Authority, Kings and Emmanuel Colleges, University of Cambridge.

Visiting Scholar, Humanities Institute, SUNY-Stonybrook, where I gave a public lecture, and faculty and post graduate seminars in the Humanities Institute Conference.

Invited by Professors Larry Grossberg and Cary Nelson to give a paper at the International Colloquium on Cultural Studies, organized at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Invited by Professor Alice Jardine, Director of Center for Literary Studies, Harvard University, to lecture to the 'theory' seminars.

Keynote Address to Venice Biennale Arts International (Rockefeller) Conference "Expanding Internationalism" (60 international participants consisting of academics, critics, art historians, curators and museum directors from about 50 countries).

Invited by Professor Natalie Zemon Davis and the Davis Center for Historical Studies, Princeton University to lecture on the development of my work. Gave paper entitled "History and the 'real event'."

Invited to the University of California, San Diego to present a paper at a conference on "Questions of Social Marginality and Cultural Borders."

Invited by Professor Ian Donaldson, Director, Humanities Research Centre of the Australian National University, to present a paper at their conference: "Heritage and Memory."


Keynote to the "Literature and Opposition Conference" in Melbourne organized by the Australian and South Pacific Association of Comparative Literary Studies.

Public lecture at the Power Institute, Sydney University, followed by a workshop seminar on my work and related issues.

Keynote to the "De-scribing Colonialism," conference at the University of Queensland, Brisbane. (Conference organized to coincide with my visit as Burrowes Fellow and Professor J.M. Coetzee's visit as writer in residence).

Keynote address to the annual conference of the Italian Professors of English, Venice.

Lecture at the "Identity in Question" conference organized in New York by OCTOBER magazine, CUNY Graduate Center and the College de Philosophie, Paris.


Critical Inquiry Lecture, University of Chicago.

Seminar to the Whitney Museum, Independent Scholars programme.

Keynote Speaker, conference on "Postcolonialism: Theory and Practice," The University of British Columbia.

Lecture to the Critical Theory Series Conference, University of California, Davis, entitled "Encountering Space: Identity and Place in the Human Sciences."

Lecture to the Georgetown Literary Criticism Conference.

Lecture to the Conference on "Minority Discourse" organized by the Humanities Research Institute, University of California, Irvine.

Colloquium entitled "The Marginality of the First World: Multicultural Perspectives in Contemporary Art" at MIT.


James Hoffman Memorial Lecture in Comparative Literature, Dartmouth College.

Keynote talk to the Committee for International Museum Exchange, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford.

Keynote to the 4th National Photography Conference, Arnolfini and Watershed Galleries, Bristol, U.K.

Keynote speaker at the Conference organized by the Maryland Fine Arts Gallery, Visual Arts Department, University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Lecture: "In the English Manor: Melancholic Masculinity and the Postcolonial 'British' Novel" (Ishiguro, Naipaul, Kureishi and others), at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies Conference on "Genders and Nationalities," University of London.


Keynote to the conference on Culture and Nationality at University of Victoria, Canada.

Keynote to the American Comparative Literature Annual Conference, Claremont Graduate Center.

Gave the Annual Distinguished Lecture to the Philological Society at the Center for Hispanic and Italian Studies, English, and the Humanities Center, Johns Hopkins University.


Gave lecture entitled "Colonialism in the Light of Psychoanalysis" at the Theory Seminar, University of Virginia.

Gave Presidential Lecture for symposium "House, Home, Homeland" at Rice University, Houston, TX.

Moderated Panel on "English as a Second Culture" at "Crossing Cultures/Crossing Canons" Forum, City University of New York.

Gave lecture entitled "Outcast Anxiety" at "Race, Identity and Public Culture" conference, Emory University, Atlanta, GA.

Gave lecture at University of Hawaii.

Featured speaker at Conference on Psychoanalysis and Post-Colonialism, George Washington University, Washington, DC.

Lectured at conference on "Identifications: Possibilities and Limits," University of Richmond, VA.

Gave lecture entitled "Culture and Victimage: Constructions of Cosmopolitanism" and Workshop "On Cultural Translation" at Alice Berline Kaplan Center for the Humanities, Northwestern University.


Participant in the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Roundtable on Creativity.

Keynote Address of "Locations, Cultures, Topographies: Diaspora in Cultural Criticism," Yale University.

Seminar to the Whitney Museum, Independent Scholars program.

Moderator, Panel on "Methodology, Theory, and Paradigm Shifts" at symposium on "Cinema Studies in the Age of Global Media," University of Chicago.

Lecture entitled "The Nearness of You" at The English Institute, Harvard University

Chaired series of events commemorating 50th Anniversary of the Institute of Comtemporary Arts, London.

Lectured at Center for Twentieth Century Studies, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Gave lecture entitled "Culture and Victimage: Constructions of Cosmopolitanism" for lecture series on "The Claim of Theories" at Northwestern University.

Gave lecture in series entitled"Cultural Encounters: Communicating Otherness" at University of Sussex.

Gave lecture entitled at symposium on Post-Colonialism and Global Migration, at Steirischer Herbst 96, Graz.


Lecture entitled "Whose Modernity Is It Anyway?" in 'Studies in Modern Art: Modern Stories' lecture series at Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Keynote Lecture at conference entitled "Locations of Culture," Michigan State University.

Gave lecture on "Sex & Play" at Chicago Humanities Festival.

Lectured at the "Equality in Unequal Conditions" Conference at Heinrich Böll Stiftung e. V., Hamburg.

Lecture on "Vernacular Cosmopolitanism" at Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference.

Lecture entitled "In the Middle of Difference: On the Sense of Human Agency" at "The Sense of the Senses" Congress, Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn.

Panelist for "Constituencies: To Whom and For Whom Do Public Intellectuals Speak?" at conference on "Public Intellectuals and the Future of Graduate Study" University of Chicago.


Lamont Lecture in Human Rights, lecture entitled "A Choice of Culture," Amherst College.

"The Turn to Ethics" Conference, lecture entitled "Cultural Respect," Harvard University.

Humanities Center, Critical Theory Institute, University of California, Irvine, 1998 Distinguished Lecturer, lecture entitled "Choosing Culture: With All Due Respect..."

Delivered lecture on "Race, Culture, and Difference," Centre for Sociological and Social Anthropological Studies, The Open University, The Stuart Hall Conference

Samuel Beckett Centre, Trinity College, Dublin, "Intercultural Communications" Conference Keynote Speaker, gave talk entitled, "Cultural Choice and the Question of Respect"

Freie Universität, Berlin, gave keynote lecture entitled, "One of Us: Meditations on the Right to Culture," for 50th anniversary symposium of Free University: "Models of Cultural Appropriation Today"

Bavarian America Academy at Universities of Munich and Erlangen, gave lecture at conference on "Multicultural Societies on the Threshold of the 21st Century: Intercultural and Transcultural Developments"

Delivered four seminars on "The Translatability of Cultures" at the Stuttgart Seminar in Cultural Studies, Germany

Lecture at The Midwest Faculty Seminar on Toni Morrison's Beloved

Lecture at The University of Innsbruck, Austria, Conference

Plenary Speaker at Middle Eastern Studies Association Conference,

Chicago, IL

MLA Plenary with Stephen Greenblatt and Edward Said, San Francisco, CA


Keynote speaker at "New World (dis)Orders" Conference at Rutgers University

Keynote speaker at University of Notre Dame

Paper given at "Border Crossings," University of Minnesota Romance Languages Symposium

Speaker at "The Minor and Minority in South Asia" Conference at Princeton University

Keynote speaker at "Race, Nation, Aesthetic & Fabrication of Modernities" Conference at University of California, Los Angeles

Keynote at University of Miami Law and Society Conference

Paper given at University of Chicago Conference on George Orwell's 1984

Banerjee Memorial Lecture given at University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India


Panelist at University of Chicago "Brooklyn Museum Controversy" Conference

Lecture given at Duke University Conference

Lecture given at Einstein Forum conference, Potsdam, Germany

Lecture given at Radical Philosophy conference, London

Lecture given at Nexus Institute, Amsterdam

Whitney Museum, New York, New York


Keynote Address at "Re(placing) the Nation" Conference, Harvard University

Lectures given at Summer Institute National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, Beijing University, Tsinghua University, National Taiwan University

Chair of MLA Panel, "The Haunting of History"


Columbia University Humanities Festival Lecture

Harvard University Book Trouble Series

Teaching Interests

(selected courses)

Undergraduate: History and Theory of the Novel

Novel and Nation

Modern British Poetry

Period of English Literature 1880 to the present: Approaches to Literature

Literature and the Other

Colonial and Post-Colonial Discourse

The Aesthetics of Realism

Structuralism and Semiotics

Cultural Difference and Cultural Conflict (including contemporary British writers And cultural critics)

Conrad and Naipaul: Genealogies of the Global Imagination

Graduate: Introduction to Literary Theory (including the history of aesthetics)

On the Concept of Culture from Matthew Arnold to Raymond Williams

Literary History and Cultural Studies

Introduction to Foucault and theories of discourse

The Post-Colonial Intellectual

Post-Colonial Discourses


License and Limits of Cultural Studies

Cosmopolitan Anxieties

Critical Theory in the Life of Literature

Advisory Positions

Served on the 2000 UC Santa Cruz History of Consciousness program review committee.

Appointed to the Advisory Council (Board of Trustees) of the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, the main Arts Council-funded institution for contemporary cinema, music, art and public intellectual and cultural events.

Director on the Board of inIVA, London: International Institute of the Visual Arts, founded by the Arts Council of Great Britain.

Columnist for Artforum since April 1995.

Consultant to the Rockefeller Foundation, Division of Arts and Humanities (1992-4). The Foundation asked me to write a scholarly essay and a policy document on interdisciplinary trends within the humanities, with special reference to 'transnational' themes of study. This document substantially influenced intellectual debate within the Foundation and determined its funding priorities.

Special Advisor to David Ross, Director of the Whitney Museum, the National Museum of American Art, New York.

Consultant to the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, led a four-part series of seminars and workshops on literary and artistic responses to recent social transformations in Europe.

Consultant to Whitney Museum of American Art on their millennial show, "The American Century."

Advisor to Anna DeVeare Smith, Performance Artist.

Editorial Positions

Guest editor of special issue of Critical Inquiry (Spring 1997) entitled "Frontlines and Borderposts," to be published in book form by University of Chicago Press.

Editorial Board, New Formations

Editorial Board, OCTOBER

Editor, Oxford Literary Review

Editorial Board, Difference: A Feminist Journal of Cultural Studies

Advisory Editor, Modern Fiction Studies

Advisory Editor, Third Text (British Arts Council Funded)

Radio and Televisions Appearances

Profiled in New York Times, "Harvard's Prize Catch, a Delphic Postcolonialist," November 17, 2001,

Wrote "V.S. Naipaul," a reflection on the work of V.S. Naipaul for The Chronicle of Higher Education (October 26, 2001)

National Public Radio Broadcast: "All Things Considered," a reflection on V.S. Naipaul (October 12, 2001)

Odyssey, Chicago Public Radio: "Intellectuals in Public Life," with Stanley Fish, September 28, 2001

Wrote "A Narrative of Divided Civilizations," a reflection on the September 11 tragedy for The Chronicle of Higher Education (September 28, 2001)

BBC Radio 4: Wrote and presented a documentary essay, "A Question of Respect," August 2001

Odyssey, Chicago Public Radio: "Culture and Museums," February 10, 2001

Odyssey, Chicago Public Radio: "Mona Lisa," April 19, 2001

BBC Radio Nightwaves appearance, February 2000

Australian Broadcasting Corporation, series on the History of Race and Culture, 1 March 1999

BBC World Service appearance, 23 February 1999

BBC Radio Nightwaves appearance, 23 February 1999

Interviewed by Melvyn Bragg on "The South Bank Show," 9 December 1998

BBC Radio 4 "In Our Time" featured discussant (with Professor John Gray, London School of Economics) Special Programme on the 50th Anniversary of Human Rights, 8 December 1998

Interviewed in documentary on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, December 1998

Half-hour discussion on Australian National Radio on "The Question of Whiteness," 17 June 1998.

BBC Special Program to celebrate 50th anniversary of Indian independence, 15 August 1997.

Profiled as one of "100 Americans for the Next Century" in Newsweek, 17 April 1997.

Took part in on-air discussion on "The British Empire" on BBC Scotland (March 1997).

Profiled in the Chronicle of Higher Education, 22 March 1996.

Gave four BBC Radio 4 talks entitled "Letters from Chicago" (July 1995) [tapes available]

BBC Horizon Television: One of four commentators (with Tony Benn and Ian Banks) on the last thirty years of Horizon -- in particular its cultural assumptions. (Shown on 23 May 1994).

Channel 4 Television Programme: Contemporary Asian artists working in England (September 1994).

Channel 4 Television Programme: 'J' Accuse' on Philip Larkin (January 1993).

"Bombay Mix" Talk for BBC Radio Four Series (November 1990).

Television appearances on the 'Late Show' (BBC's major cultural programme) in a discussion of Tom Wolfe's "The Bonfire of the Vanities." Also appearances on BBC's 'Newsnight' and 'Nightwaves,' to comment on contemporary cultural issues.

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