Off the Map...

A series of exhibitions review the work created during year 3 of the Creative Mapping initiative.
28 May - 11 July 2009 at Rivington Place

A map with black and white pictograms of buildings symbols and people. The map is a dream map

Hackney Community College participant's work 2008

An ongoing series of map related exhibitions explores how we can begin to map information often neglected by traditional cartographic maps - the social, emotional and political worlds we inhabit.

Artists collaborate with various groups to create new maps that reflect something of our personal experiences. Artists include Shiraz Bayjoo, Gayle Chong Kwan, Othello De'Souza-Hartley, Maria Kheirkhah, Agnes Poitevin-Navarre, Theresa Rahman, Susan Stockwell and Jeremy Wood.

The series of exhibitions is part of the Iniva Creative Mapping project that considers how and why contemporary artists are opening up the concept of mapping in imaginative and unexpected ways. It is an opportunity to explore the potential of new cartographic languages to deepen our understanding of identity, place and power and to reflect on the multiple spaces we inhabit.

The exhibitions will change on a weekly basis and feature a new artist and group. They can be viewed from Thursday to Saturday each week.