Whose Map is it? artists in conversation

With exhibiting artists Alexandra Handal and Susan Stockwell


Susan Stockwell, Red Road Arteries, 2010, copyright the artist

Exhibiting artists Alexandra Handal and Susan Stockwell discuss work showing in the Whose Map is it? exhibition and recent projects.

Susan Stockwell - on the window is a site-specific artwork, River of Blood, about London's northsouth river divide. Made up of real roads taken from around London to form the image of the River Thames, it also refers to human arteries, like a medical diagram stretched across the window - the ‘skin' of the building.

Alexandra Handal - names of 418 villages that were lost in the 1948 Israeli occupation are written over and over again on top of each other creating a layered effect. Some areas are fainter than others, like memories, and reflect the state of loss in Palestine today. Each drawing is a different district, the denser the text the more villages existed in this area.

In the current exhibition, nine contemporary international artists question the underlying structures and hierarchies that inform traditional mapmaking. They provide individual insights that inscribe new, often omitted perspectives onto the map. From 2 June until 24 July 2010.

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Type: Artists' Talk
Location: Rivington Place
Date: 01 Jul 2010
Admission: Free

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