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Alternative Economies: Local Currencies

The Bijlmer Euro Project with artist Christian Nold

The project explores how a local currency can make a local economy more resilient to outside corporations.  The currency is a Euro note with an RFID (Radio-frequency identification) tag stuck to it, which is removable. This RFID tagged Euro allows it to be exchanged locally providing discounts in local stores as opposed to large supermarkets. The RFID tags make it possible to trace the movement of that specific euro, making it apparent how money moves in one area.

Art Barter: Trading art for skills or skills for art

Art Barter, a project set up in London promotes circumventing the traditional art markets by placing artists in touch with others to exchange art for skills.  No monetary exchange needed.  Other projects similar to this have existed for some time, however this one has the focus of pairing up artists and people who enjoy art.