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November 2011

Future Fantasteek!

New display of zines and artists’ sketchbooks in the Stuart Hall Library

Future Fantasteek! creator Jackie Batey has been producing beautiful and creatively significant books, multiples and zines for the past thirteen years. Now anxiety, humour and modern living are themes that thread through her work with a satirical focus.

Batey draws or writes content for the zine on her commute to work. Themes represent the general of events from the artist’s day or week, from being irritated at broken machines, rude people, apathy and quick fixes, fake medical promises, fashion, celebrity endorsements, Christmas, to commercialism.

Her books are hand worked using photography, illustration, found objects and hand lettering. She makes limited editions that vary between 10 and 50 and creates about 3 new titles per year.

She has produced 26 titles to date which are held in around fifty national and international permanent collections.

Find out more about the Stuart Hall Library and it’s collection of zines


Call for zines!

We are looking for zines relating to cultural diversity, race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality, as well as personal/political/arts based zines. Find out how you can donate your publication here

Artist of the Week: Agnes Poitevin-Navarre

Agnes Poitevin-Navarre participates in ‘Fellow Artists – Fellow Muses’ at King’s College Cambridge Arts Centre until 26 November

Information about the exhibition: “Maps have the capacity to open worlds of reality and imagination”  wrote Professor Jeremy Black in “Remarkable Maps – Examples of How Cartography Defined, Changed and Stole the World”. The art practice of Agnès Poitevin-Navarre epitomizes that idea. The exhibition at King’s College Arts Centre is a wonderful platform to explore and engage with this conceptual artist’s past and new body of work.

‘The Art of Being Anecdotal’ could be the subtitle of this exhibition that includes the ‘Colour Coding’ series, ‘The Reader’ and the magnificent ‘Fellow Artists, Fellow Muses’ installation that was shown last year at the Royal Geographical Society in London. This solo show also features new work such as the artist hair embroidered floorplans series as well as the newly commissioned ‘Proustian Map of Cambridge’, a collaboration with Cantabrigians that elaborates on the locals’ greatest achievements and pearls of wisdom.

Agnès Poitevin-Navarre is a conceptual artist interested in the limits of categorizations and semantics. She graduated with an MA from the Slade, UCL, in 1997 and has since been exhibiting locally, nationally and internationally. She works across a range of media but is known primarily for her cartographic and anecdotal work. She uses maps as a shorthand to explore notions of identity, nationality and social codes. She also composes collages and masterminds installations, giving them a poetic twist.

Find out more about this exhibition here

Working with Iniva: Agnès Poitevin-Navarre participated in Iniva’s Creative Mapping project, working with Year 7 students to produce Personal Cartographies; on a series of workshops the group identified key words, symbols and pictograms that define their personal, pronoid journeys and with Hackney Community College students working on the Mapping the Creative Process project.

Art, football and interpretations of Africa

Iniva is participating in the Design Museum’s Interpretations of Africa seminar on 8th November. The exhibition celebrates ten new football kit designs for the PUMA partnered African National football teams.  


The designs were commissioned from a selection of leading African artists who were asked to create a new artwork which has become the basis for the design of the football kits. The kits celebrate Africa’s unique visual identity and culture, featuring the artists original artwork and sketches alongside development work and the resulting final football kits. It charts the artist’s journey, inspiration and design process demonstrating how different African cultures and histories can be reflected in both by art and sportswear design.

The seminar involves several of the exhibiting artists speaking about their work and is chaired by David A Bailey.



Exhibiting artists include: Saïdou Dicko (Burkina Faso), Godfried Donkor (Ghana), Ernest Düku (Ivory Coast), Hasan and Husain Essop (South Africa), Samba Fall (Senegal), EL Loko (Togo), Hentie van der Merwe (Namibia), Owanto (Gabon), Zineb Sedira (Algeria) and Barthélémy Toguo (Cameroon).


This is however not the first time Iniva has been involved with football…

In 1997 Iniva produced ‘Offside’, an exhibition comprising of newly commissioned and recent work by thirteen artists from Argentina, Britain, Colombia and Mexico. Using photography, video, painting and installation, the artists referenced the imagery and text of football to explore the cultural environment of the game and identified the football stadium as an arena for the public display of national aspirations and anxieties.

Find out more about this exhibition and the accompanying publication here, and view images from the exhibition here.