Forthcoming projects

Practice International

14 January - 21 March 2015. First UK solo presentations of the artists.

Open Studio & Residency

Shiraz Bayjoo: Ile de France

14 January - 7 February 2015, Education Space.

New Publication

The A-Z of Emotions

The A-Z of Emotions is the latest emotional learning resource in our series, featuring images of 26 commissioned artworks.


Consulting on Iniva

Enabling dialogue about the future of Iniva.



Limited Edition Print by Alida Rodrigues

Created as part part of Alida Rodrigues residency.

Iniva at Rivington Place

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detail from Dysfunctional Family


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13 Jan – 21 Mar 2015 Preview: 13 January 2015, 6.30pm
Preview: Park Chan-kyong & Lina Selander, 13 January, 6.30pm then from 14 January - 21 March 2015

First UK solo presentations of selected work, curated by Binna Choi and Lisa Rosendahl.

13 Jan 2015 Panel discussion on Practice International: 13 January, 4pm
Panel Discussion on Practice International, 13 Jan, 4pm

A panel discussion with the curators of Park Chan-kyong & Lina Selander solo presentations introducing the Practice International project.

Walking tour
13 Jan 2015 Walking tour with the artists: 13 January, 6pm
Walking tour with artists Park Chan-kyong & Lina Selander, 13 January, 6pm

Exploring their work installed throughout the building with the artists.

14 Jan – 07 Feb 2015 Tue-Sat 12-6pm
Thu 12-9pm

Shiraz Bayjoo: Ile de France

Residency & Open Studio
14 January - 7 February

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